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The FM6 Car List Database is LIVE!!! October 6th, 2015 - October 2015 Logitech DLC Included - Click here NOW!

The FM5 Car List Database can be seen here.

Welcome back to myForzaGarage for Forza Motorsport 4 and it's long overdue revamp!

'the Garage' is a place you can add a car, change parts, enter tune settings, show a custom image, benchmark, create signatures for forums and create sales tags to promote Storefront sales of cars plus more! (you choose if only you or everyone can view the builds!)

The Complete Car Listing can be sorted and filtered many different ways to help you find the best car based on your needs.

The Wheel Weights can be used to quickly identify what are the best possible means to shave weight off your build quickly.

The Level Reward Cars give you a quick way to choose the best car based on credits. If you want to choose the best car based on PI, use the car list to compare.

The Personal Leaderboards allow you to select a car and track, enter its class and then log its time to help offset the in-game leaderboards.

***REGISTRATION*** is not required for the lists, but is required to view and use the special features such as 'the Garage', Personal Leaderboards and handy info on the Monthly Rivals.

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